Gite experience 

We stayed in a gite last night, our first experience of this concept. 

The family built their own new house right next door to their former family home and farm of several generations, and converted the former family house into a 17 bed gite.  There  were 8 others staying for the night. We had a group meal outdoors at the gite (there was no restaurant or grocery store in town). 

We left at 7:10 am in the morning as we had 15 km to cover. An hour into the walk, we spotted a shepherd with his dog driving the sheep. 

An hour after that, it was the cows’ turn!

About 8 km into the walk, we came across this chapel that was originally built in the tenth century. 

We were steadily climbing, but after the town of Montbonnet, the climb became steeper. 

We stopped for our meager lunch of boiled eggs, tomatoes, and bread (which is the only meal we could purchase without pork from our gite owner). 

What goes up must come down. We had a steep drop to our final destination of the day. On the way down we ran into “Mignonne,” the donkey.  Guillaume with his family had rented the donkey for 5 days. Amyn and Sakkar were interested in the idea of employing a donkey, so I got all the scoop!

Cost for five days €250 + transport cost of €250 (to transport the donkey back home) if you rent one way. No food cost for the donkey,  as he (in this particular case, she) will eat along the way. Make sure to let the donkey have water every 3 days (they are like camel). It can carry up to 50 KG on its back (so a few people can share one). 

This is the family who used the donkey.  Apparently Mognonne is very stubborn and and decided she wasn’t going any further down the steep trail.  The father, Guillaume, was about to lead her out across a horizontal road, and down.  The 3-year old boy sometimes rode the donkey.  The 5-year old walked, as did the others, including the baby on mom’s or dad’s back.

We are settled now for the day after 16 km of walking, and of climbing about 68 floors. We find the climb up to be always easier than coming downhill!

5 thoughts on “Gite experience 

  1. Amy Bertorelli

    Lovely countryside…that is a courageous, family with two little ones, donkey or not. What an adventure you are on! Yes, going up is easier, as I learned many years ago walking to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Down is hard on the knees…up is much better. Love your
    pictures, as usual. What an eye you have, Enayet! Pat, you look a little tired from that hike. You are a brave and gutsy woman! Thank you for including us!

  2. Terry

    Traveling with you through France is just exquisite. I am away from the city everyday. Thanks for the journey. I hope you find more variety of food soon.

  3. carla

    I loved your first day entry. Lovely pictures . I too loved seeing the cows and sheep on my Camino. safe journey and good food soon. Hugs, Carla


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