To Baamonde

Our plan called for us to be in Baamonde since that was the next town with accommodations. There was another town along the way at 7 km, but it had no accommodations. 

Marc did not get much sleep and was not feeling well.  He decided to give it a go anyway, at least until the first village. As we stepped out of the albergue it started to mist and rain. We went right back in to put on our rain gear to start the day. 

The mist did stop soon, but then it came back again. It was slow going for most of the morning. 




We continued on for a few hours before reaching our first stop (cafe, bar, grocery store – all in one stop). 

Marc was feeling worse, so after breakfast Sakkar and Marc took a taxi to Baamonde. Pat and I moved on in intermittent rain and mist. 



It turned out to be over 21 km, but we made it to Baamonde in time to enjoy a little bit of the fiesta going on in town. 


3 thoughts on “To Baamonde

  1. samji13700

    Spider web with mist/rain looks piece of art. Nice you caught little bit of fiesta – always good to celebrate with the community. Hope Marc feels better – the music and fiesta must do good.

  2. Amy

    Those sunflowers look so sad in the rain; must be missing Marc. Yes, the spider webs are so beautiful caught so well with the drops of rain/mist. Lovely


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