Zest for life

The real fiesta in Spain does not start until late. The fiesta we walked into yesterday afternoon was just a preview. We found out that the real fiesta would begin at 10:30 pm and would go on until 4 am.  They lied, it did not end until 5 am. Fortunately, we had our ear plugs. Unfortunately, we had another stage to walk, so we could not indulge in the fiesta. 

Marc was still hot and cold, so Sakkar and Marc took a cab to Santiago. 

We left early morning to enjoy the play of life. When we stepped out,  the air was filled with mist and cold. We stepped back in, dawned our Galicia garb (poncho) and were out again. The show must go on!

We started on a small highway. Two kilometers into our walk, it began pouring.  At 3 km, we left the highway for a beautiful path. 

We were in a different world immediately. We crossed the rio parga, which signaled that we were less than 100 km from Santiago. 

Right after that we passed the 14th century chapel of San Alberte. 


We met James from South Africa. He is 81 years old and doing his 4th Camino. 

An hour into our walk, finally the rain stopped. 

The dance between the sun, clouds, wind, and rain has been going on all day long. Just when you think the sunshine is here to stay, the rain or clouds take over. 

At about 10 km we found this cafe in the middle of nowhere. It was an oasis for pilgrims–to relax, have coffee and orange juice and some cake (Torta de Santiago). 

We continued on for another 6 km to the cute little town of Miraz. 

The albergue here is managed by volunteers, mostly from the Confraturnity of St. James based in London, and they have made this into a nice sanctuary. The Confraturnity of St. James publishes and revises each year a guidebook to the Camino Frances, and they update their guidebooks to other routes, as well, when they can get to it, such as Camino Ingles and Le Puy to Puente La Reine.  The website for the Confraturnity of St. James is http://www.csj.org.uk  

Outside the cloud, rain, and sun dance is still going on as each one takes its dominion over the other for a brief period. 

We have been cris-crossing our path with these two German sisters for last three days (Theresa and Rosa).  

James, also, has just arrived here for the night.  He has made a delicious spaghetti dinner to share with the other pilgrims. Inside in the dining room there is a wood fire burning as I write this blog. 


3 thoughts on “Zest for life

  1. samji13700

    Not very pleasant weather conditions but I am glad you guys look at as “dance between the sun, clouds, wind, and rain”. You are following Dale Carnegie’s wisdom – Count your blessings – not your troubles. You are almost there…

  2. sakkar01

    I don’t know how you guys are continuing on in the rain day in and day out. It has been raining on and off all day here in Santiago and it has been tough to do much walking as I have been getting quite wet from the rain though i am wearing the same rain jacket i wore on the Camino last year. Kudos to you too. Mukhtar is feeling better one minute then sick again the next so we will figure out our options tomorrow for the rest of the trip.

  3. Richard Shull

    I’m surprised the weather is so bad this early. When I originally did the Camino France’s, I had virtually no rain till I was finished on Oct. 2nd. I admire your fortitude and pilgrim spirit. Richard & Margie


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