To Vilalba

Today our goal was very lofty. We had planned to go about 20 km with options to stop at 15 and 18 km. This would be a first-ever experience for Marc walking such a long distance. Sakkar, on the other hand, had done much more distance on the previous Camino walk last year, but this would be her first on this trip, also. 

After yesterday’s climb out of the way ( 195 floors), today was considered a fairly flat course.  

We left the pension at 7:40   The weather was cold, and fog was mixed in with a little mist.

We immediately moved into a beautiful country path. 
Fortunately, mist did not turn into rain. The fog and cold were welcome, as we did have some minor climbs in the early part of the day. 

We kept moving for an hour before taking our first break. 

We found a cafe about 9 km into our walk (unexpected, as it was not in any of the documents). We gladly stopped to have fresh eggs (from the cafe owners who own chickens). 

It was probably the best day for blackberries, as they were plentiful and ripe. I even saw Marc giving it a taste. 

On the way to our first accommodation option, we walked over a 17th century bridge. 

By the time we reached the village, we were all a little tired, but no one wanted to stop yet, so after a brief stop, we moved on. 

As we reached the outskirts of Vilalba,  where we could have stayed in the first albergue on the route, we decided to have a nice lunch instead and move on into Vilaba to a more modern albergue.

As you can see on the Camino sign that we have less than 123 km left to reach Santiago. 

After over 23 km and 80+ floors of climbing, kudos to Sakkar and Marc for a great day of hiking. Looks like they must not be tired yet, as they have just asked me if I wanted to go see the Parador in town.

4 thoughts on “To Vilalba

  1. samji13700

    Kudos to Sakkar and Marc, for sure.
    I remember enjoying the fresh eggs from last year Camino (even though I did not walk) – besides tastier than usual, they seem to give a nice boost of energy.
    Great to see your smiling faces – you guys are almost there…

  2. Amy

    Nice to see you all in synch, tackling those miles…so Inspiring, and those photos of flora and black berries,..just beautiful.

  3. Shalini

    The flowers are so beautiful. Reading all of these posts in quick succession makes me realize that although it’s so gratifying to see you take your journey in retrospect, when I looked every day last year on your blog it was a forcible (and gentle) reminder every day to connect to spirituality and the world around me. Thank you so much for blogging, Uncle!


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