A matter of perspective 

Some would call today a short day, and some would call it a long day. It is all a matter of perspective!

We were up early again. Outside the streets were wet, and it was misting a bit. We decided to eat a little before stepping out of the albergue. When we left at 7:15, there was no rain. It was a foggy and cool morning with a hint of autumn in the air. The views climbing out of the village were outstanding. 


The walk above in the farmland was surreal with fog hanging low among the trees. 


We passed this medieval ruin.  Unfortunately we could not decipher any details from the Spanish poster. 


We continued walking for about 2 hours. 


The wind picked up and the clouds were about to burst. 


It was time for a break and a snack. I told Pat, this would be a perfect time for us to find a church with a nice veranda so we could take our backpacks off and relax and eat. Low and behold as we made the turn, there was a church! No veranda or shelter, though. 


You take the lemon and make lemonade. We stopped and barely had a few morsels of food in our mouth, and the rain came pouring down.


We continued walking for the next 2 hours while it kept pouring. There was no shelter anywhere.  Walking in the rain was fun, but our shoes and socks were completely drenched.  Finally at 13 km we reached our first village. Our goal was to go 16 km, but we decided to get out of the rain and rest a bit.  While we scouted out the town, we had a tough choice to make–go another 3 km as planned and hope we can get a bed in the albergue or call it a day and get a hotel room right where we were. We opted to dry up and live to fight another day. 

All the while, it continued to rain outside!

5 thoughts on “A matter of perspective 

  1. Sam

    Good choice – taking a break from the pouring rain. To me, it was a long day already – walking with wet shoes and socks under the conditions is tough. Hope you guys see better weather.

  2. sakkar01

    Wow, what beautiful views, with some darkness in the back and the lights in the homes makes for such beautiful and surreal views! Lucky you two to be enjoying such beauty. I love the picture of you two in the mirror. Good idea to call it a short day, you have been making such good pace. Here, i am counting the days to my flight, our backpacks are all packed and ready.

  3. Amy

    I agree with Sakkar, those shots of the village as you were leaving, look like paintings and have a surreal aspect. The pictures of the two of you are soooooo sweet…memories forever. Yes, we are all jealous of this journey of yours, wishing we could be there too. But Sakkar and Mark are soon to be on their way bringing another dimension to your trip. Bon Jour!


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