When it rains…

Seems like after the rain our luck improves. Once again yesterday the Hotel Villa Austarela that we found was excellent.  The room had nice heaters which allowed us to dry our shoes. 


As we were heading into the hotel, our Austrian buddies also showed up with the idea of staying in the same place. After a late lunch they engaged us in a lively Austrian card game that Pat won. 


Breakfast was included in the price of the hotel, so we had an early morning breakfast at 7 and headed along the country road. 



After 2 km we were off onto one of the beautiful country paths. The air was cool, and the morning breeze was full of the aroma of damp earth and bushes.



We have been passing by many dairy farms for days. Here is a typical scene. 




Navia, at about 9 km, was a big town on our way today. Situated at the banks of Rio de Navia, this 13th century town is fairly modern yet retains some of its 13th century architectural elements around town. 














We continued past Navia. Pat was up to her old trick of enjoying the blackberries as we walked. 


After the town of Jarro, we found this wonderful bench overlooking the ocean and decided to enjoy our lunch. 


After our lunch as we were leaving, Kristin appeared.  She had spent four days in Gijon visiting a friend and caught a bus directly to Luarca.  What a happy surprise that our paths would cross again, right there on the trail, after so many days.


We completed our 18 km to La Caridad and are settled in for the night at the albergue.  BTW, we lucked out and there was no rain. It is getting cold, though. Tomorrow morning the temperature will be in the 40’s (57 Fahrenheit), so fall is definitely on its way. 


I posted this once already but no email confirmation came. I am reposting. Apologies if you get duplicates. 


4 thoughts on “When it rains…

  1. Sam

    Usual email did not come but the post is there (only once, it did not duplicate). On this year’s path, compared to last year, whether you find good lodging and food or not, you sure get to see beautiful sceneries and sites and therefore we get to enjoy beautiful pictures.


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