Completion of the first month

Yesterday marked the end of a month of walking on Camino del Norte. In that period we covered approximately 550 km of beautiful coastline and lush green mountains. 

We were fortunate to find a fabulous hotel “Casa Roja” in Cadavedo. We ate our dinner at the hotel at 9 and were treated to a wonderful three-course meal (the best we have had the entire month). 

Breakfast was included in our price, so we decided to indulge in that, too, as we were only supposed to go 15 km today to Luarca. 

We were the only two for breakfast and easily this was one of the best breakfasts we have had in a month. 

I give our hotel two thumbs up. It turned out to be wonderful stop for us. 

The view from our window promised another cloudy and cool day. 


We left happy and content to begin our month 2 on the Camino.  


Luarca used to be a whaling town until the 17th century.  Now it’s a hybrid fishing and farming town. The colors of the town as you descend are noticeably gray and white.  One reaches the town center by crossing over Rio Negro. 

After 18 km, we are settled in an albergue. The wind is picking up, and the weather is looking as if fall is about to encroach on summer. We have successfully avoided rain today. 

5 thoughts on “Completion of the first month

  1. sakkar01

    Congratulations on completing a whole month of adventure and fun and beautiful coastal scenery (not to mention difficult and often muddy hiking) – looks like you got rewarded with a luxurious (relatively) dinner and breakfast! cant wait to join you guys!

  2. Amy

    Quite a contrast between your hotel last night, breakfast this morning, and the end of day accommodations. The town looks interesting…a whaling town?


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