A tribute to Wayne Dyer

Going through my email, I just discovered that Wayne Dyer is physically no longer with us.  

I met Wayne on three different occasions and saw him teach many times. He was a friend, mentor, and a teacher to me. He simplified life’s profound questions. What made him remarkable was that he took us with him through his life learnings and discoveries.  I will miss him but rejoice in his transition to light. 

I am using Camino Mystic as an opportunity to share the Camino experience.  Last night it poured for a good hour or so. Finally when it stopped raining, we decided to see the 18th century church in town. 


This morning we woke up to discover fog and mist welcoming us. We walked along a country road for a bit as mist turned into a drizzle. 






After few km we began to move away from the road onto a path, walking up and down through valleys and hills, always coming back to cross the road again (the path was more beautiful and shorter than the road, although on the path we ended up going up and down most of the morning). 



As we were sitting down for a picnic lunch, we saw Philip and Martin (of Austria) coming, and shortly after,  Veren, from Germany, joined us also (she and we had met just earlier that day). 


We continued on to our planned destination of Ballota, only to discover there was no grocery store and only one place to eat and sleep. We had just used up all our food at lunch and needed to buy things for tomorrow’s breakfast and lunch.  We decided to walk another 7 km to the next town with all the facilities. 

The cloud was building up, and we were sure it would rain, so we decided to stay along the road rather than along the trail. 



2 km before our stop, it rained hard. We were fortunate to have great panchos to keep us and our packs dry, but our shoes are wet, and at this moment they are drying by in the room. 


We were fortunate in finding our best hotel yet on this trip, with a nice, warm shower and a hair dryer to boot (to dry our boots). 

After 23 km, we are ready for a good dinner at the hotel, but we must wait until 9 when the restaurant opens.

4 thoughts on “A tribute to Wayne Dyer

  1. Sam

    Wayne Dyer was a great teacher. He inspired millions, including me, with his simple way of teaching about life. RIP!

  2. Carla Pai

    I am enjoying the pictures of the beautiful Dahlias. Enjoy the rest of the Camino and may there be always sunshine for the two of you . Hugs, Carla


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