A rest day in Gijon

We should call it a rest day for the backpacks rather than us, as we walked about 13 km around town.  Not having a backpack definitely helped, though. 

We started by going to the laundromat and then to the beach for lunch. 

 Afterwards we went on a boat ride along both beaches of Gijon. 

 Gijon is having its Cider festival (Sidra Natural Festival) this week.  All along  the Austaria we have been watching people having Sidreria (the name of the poured drink). This is a fermented Apple Cider drink that is about 6% alcohol and supposedly tastes like a combination of beer and champagne. They pour it into a glass held at knee level while the bottle is above the head (see the pictures for the process).  The custom is to share the same glass with others and only pour a few sips at a time.  

Last night at the beach they had a goal of getting 8000 people to pour and drink Sideria, all at the same time, to create a Guinness book world record.  We were at the sideline watching the attendance count rise.

Local reporter posing for the blog

After awhile we also decided to join the festival and be part of the record. That is when we met Leticia and her friends. She is a teacher who is from Gijon but currently works in Vigo teaching Chinese.


After the record was set, we went on to the other beach to listen to a folk music performance


10 thoughts on “A rest day in Gijon

  1. thirdspacechronicles

    Looks like you had a wonderful relaxing day. Well earned I am sure. Thanks for all the great photos. It so much fun to get up everyday and share in your adventure. Oh how I long for the ocean!

  2. Sam

    Well deserved break in Gijon. The drinking event (so how many of these 8,000 people got drunk?) and the music (sounds great) sure was a nice bonus. Do take many more breaks.

  3. Sitara

    You two are absolutely taking advantage of retirement. That festival sounds absurdly fun! You are the best couple ever, I hope to mimic your ways once I get to that point in life. MISS YOU WAY TOO MUCH! Hope you enjoyed the sidra! It sounds delicious:) And way to be a part of a new record! Making me wish I was a part of that!! Also, I love the pictures of BOTH of you! Dad, you made an appearance on the blog! YAY! MISS YOU AND LOVE YOU SO SO MUCH! I’m glad you enjoyed your rest day. Glen and I are sending our love!!

  4. Leti

    Love the pictures and the videos! In fact, we havent got any of the event >< Only the ones that you took.
    We really enjoyed meeting both of you,a lovely couple and interesting conversation. Wish you enjoy your next days in Asturias.If you have time,I suggest you visit Cudillero, a beautiful fishmen village.
    Wish you Buen camino! maybe we have the chance to meet again in Vigo 🙂


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