To Villaviciosa and beyond

We had to go a minimum of 17 km to the first alburgue (no food, just an alburgue), or go 23 km to a city with everything. We chose the latter as we needed to take a rest day. It has been about 10 days since our last rest stop. 

We intended to leave early but did not get out until 8 am.

More to follow tomorrow as it’s already 9 pm and we have not had dinner yet! (The connection is too slow to upload pictures from our hotel room, and we need to go eat). 


2 thoughts on “To Villaviciosa and beyond

  1. Bob & Lizette Wellauer

    Thanks for all your blogs. Fun to follow your progress. Judging by your photos you must be on the camino “scenic.” Enoy your day off because you’ve earned it! Carry on, Bob & Lizette


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