To La Isla

We needed to break the stages described in the book to something manageable.  Quite a few stages are 30 to 40 km long. Today’s was one of those stages.  Although there would be a few villages along the way, the facilities we would need, such as an albergue, a grocery store, a restaurant, were scarce.  One small village, La Isla, had facilities.

Last evening it was nice to sit in the patio and watch the sunset at the beach. 

This morning as we left, the light was just filtering in. 

The walk started on a local road which then turned into a nice pathway.  Our first beach was 7 km away.     

 After that we found an unexpected opportunity for coffee and juice, and we spent a little time getting to know two Swedish women (we passed each other a few times this morning). 

After the break, the beaches were more frequent, and the trail was grassy.


 The coastal hike was beautiful but arduous with constant ups and downs.    

 After 18km we are settled at a midway point, La Isla, in the town’s municipal alburgue. 

Note: I could not find wifi, and cellular service is too weak to load more pictures. Most of today’s photos are failing to upload! These few pictures were successfully uploaded. 

4 thoughts on “To La Isla

  1. Amy

    Love the social aspects of this journey…meeting people along the way…and sharing stories.
    beautiful shots of the beaches…

  2. Sam

    After all the daily ups and downs of the walk, it is nice that you get to experience extra-ordinary views along the way. All the beautiful pictures with your comments will be perfect for an e-book.


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