We feel blessed to have the support of family and friends during this journey. Your comments continue to boost our energy.  You motivate us to continue this beautiful and challenging adventure.

Today we reached another milestone. We have completed 433 km (260 miles) which marks our halfway point to Santiago.  Thanks again to everyone for you support đź’•

Based on actual distance walked (including walks after we finished a stage, according to my trustee Fitbit), we have walked 515 km (309 miles.

We left Nueve at 6:40 this morning as the light was just filtering in. 

Our destination today was the beach city of Rebadesella, nestled between the Pico de Europe mountains and the Rio Sella. The route was mostly a country path with almost no villages along the way.

After 16 km we reached the beautiful beach town of Rebadesella. 

We found a youth hostel right on the beach with views of the beach from our window. I was able to do some body surfing. 


10 thoughts on “Grateful

  1. Amy

    Beautiful walk, and a great prize at the end, that sweet town and surf! yes, jumping in that
    surf must have been wonderful after such a walk! Perfect reward! Amy

  2. Carla Pai

    Enayet and Pat, you are a blessing to me. You keep me wanting to check every day where you have walked. One day I would love to walk this Camino. The beautiful purple flower brought back memories of living in Baroda, India when I was 8. We had the vine that had that flower Buen Camino. Carla

  3. Madhuri

    We should be grateful to you for filling our lives with such beauty. There is so much negativity in the world – you both bring such positive and peaceful images that restores faith in life..thanks


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