San Vicente de la Barquera

Our goal today was a modest 12 km so we could enjoy the medieval town with an 8th century castle and a 12th century church. 

Comillas had a lot to offer but because we were walking so late in the day yesterday we did not get to enjoy the city much. We made up for it this morning as we hiked past most of the structures on our way out. 

Outside the town of Comillas, Ria del Reba merged into the ocean. 

We traveled beside a highway for a bit before turning into the country path. 

 The town of San Visente sits along Ria San Vicente. The castle and the church are high atop the town by an old road while the town sits by the river. 


  When we crossed the river it was high tide with boats anchored in the water and fish swimming around. Later in the day you could see all the boats beached as the water had receded in the few hours we were there. 


4 thoughts on “San Vicente de la Barquera

  1. Sam

    Great, you guys are taking little extra time to enjoy the beautiful sights and sounds. Interesting to see, in matter of hours, two totally different views of the same place – boats with water and without water…


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