Goodbye to Cantabria 

Today is our last day in Cantabria region where we saw some of the beautifully preserved medieval villages and walked along some of the beautiful coasts. 

We had stayed at the top of the hill next to the church.  The early morning light gave us some wonderful views as we left town.  

The first 9km was along the road, and the light, fog, and the early morning breeze made the walk memorable. 

By about 8:30, the sun had lost the battle with the fog as we continued to enjoy the cool morning. We crossed Ria Tina Mayor along the way. 


After 9 km we came to a nice path to walk.  The path was along a rail road track. 

We finally reached the border town along Ria Deva. The other side of the river was the first town of Austria region. 

Austarias welcome was a long climb. 

After 15 km, on the downhill side of the hill, we reached the cute little town of Colombres. The town has a house built on Austarias Indiano architecture that has been converted to a museum. 

  Magnolia grand flower 

In the main plaza of the town,  preparations are underway for an evening dance and bazar that we hope to enjoy.  

2 thoughts on “Goodbye to Cantabria 

  1. sakkar01

    just re-reading all your posts now that I am back from Toronto – thought I read them on my cell phone while I was there. hope the evening dance and bazar were fun!


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