Back to the future

After spending a day and a half in the medieval town and among the Paleolithic art, it was now time for us to move out of the past and into our future. 


Our future was 23 km away in a coastal town of Comillas. The morning walk was peaceful and uneventful. 

We passed some small towns, each with a park and benches to sit and rest at. Some historic churches were along the way, unfortunately all of them closed at the time. 

We even found a town with a cafe around 10 km and enjoyed a nice break and some fried eggs, mirroring our walks from the Camino Frances.

Another 2 km and we were at the first beach. The temptation was great to just settle down for the day but it was only 11 am and we were not ready to call it a day. 

The sun mixed with the ocean breeze were a good combination, and we would have been happy to pause and enjoy them if we had only had another 5 km to go.  However, we needed to go another 10+ km more, with hills, before we could stop.
After 23 km, we reached Comillas, our planned destination for the day. Tired and hungry, we were hoping to settle down but no such luck. The alburgue was full, and the 7+ pensions, hostels, and hotels that I checked were all “completo” (full). The fellow behind the counter at the albergue said the whole town was “completo.”

Fortunately a lady was sitting at the alburgue, with an offer to stay at her house for a reasonable price. I was not about to walk around town for another hour looking for a place, so we accepted. Turns out she has a clean and well-furnished bedroom in a nice apartment complex, and we are happy and fortunate to be off our feet.

4 thoughts on “Back to the future

  1. Agnes

    you guys just have great luck that comes from sending out the right energy .. people are attracted to it… nice pictures

  2. sakkar01

    I smell café con leche and huevos fritos already just looking at the picture of the breakfast café. what beautiful cathedrals, I remember on our walks too, some would be closed as we walked by early in the morning and we did not get to see the inside. while I am glad you found a place to stay in Cornillas (thanks to the offer from the stranger) perhaps you should take more breaks and stayed at the beach – even if it was only 10 km?

  3. Carla Pai

    So happy that you met that Angel and could rest for the night. The flowers are lovely and the two of you are doing great, walking so much every day. Buen Camino. Carla, wishing she was on the Camino.


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