Sistine chapel of Paleolithic art 

It is mind boggling to imagine the art work preserved from 15,000 years ago. The people lived here from as early as 36,000 years ago. The caves were naturally sealed off 13,000 years ago due to a  rock slide and were discovered again in 1879. 

It is amazing to see the desire and creativity for art that has existed in our psyche that far back. 

When we entered, we discovered that the paintings were on the ceiling, not on the walls.  It is believed they were first imagined as shapes of a bison standing, or a bison curled up sleeping, or a female animal that is pregnant–then outlined with charcoal and rubbed with the mineral ochre for color.  Sometimes also etching.  The natural cracks and shapes on the ceiling gave dimension.  These paintings were constructed over the timeframe of over ten thousand years!


The morning walk out of town was peaceful and quite. All the tourists were still sleeping. Occasional pilgrims were heading out for their next stage while we were without our backpacks heading to the cave museum. 






After the cave we sat down in an outdoor restaurant to enjoy a leisurely lunch. 


We are thinking of embracing the Spanish culture fully today.  We may succumb to the siesta after this big meal! 

5 thoughts on “Sistine chapel of Paleolithic art 

  1. Amy

    Hard to wrap one’s mind around the age of those cave paintings…what a treat to see them with you! Yes, a siesta is the reasonable thing to do…in Spain, in celebration of that incredible historical time of making art…take some time to absorb it.

  2. Sitara

    Take as many siestas as possible!! I hope you are still enjoying your time there. Those paintings are pretty absurd! I’ve been spending every day with Cathy Naughton and it makes me think of how much she would probably enjoy those paintings. MISS YOU AWESOME PARENTALS! SENDING YOU LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS OF LOVE


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