Blast to the past

We have been going, going, going since we landed in Frankfurt over a month ago. After completing almost 300 km of Camino del Norte, it was time to rest. 

Rather than stay in the bustle of a big city like Santander, we decided to go into the past. Our next stage on the Camino is Santillana del Mar.  But getting to it was through another concrete jungle. We decided to get out by bus to allow us some extra rest in Santillana. 

As you walk into the town, you step from the 21st century to pre-modern age.  The asphalt turns into cobble stone, and one steps into the end of the Middle Ages.

We found a cute posada right next to this Claustro Y Collegiata de Santa Julliana (a 12th century church). 

This town is famous for the Altamira Caves (a Unisco world heritage sight). We are hoping to go see the museum and the replica of the cave (the actual cave is closed to the public) that houses Paleolithic cave art on the walls. 

As we were walking back to our room tonight we ran into our friends Richard and Margie. 


7 thoughts on “Blast to the past

  1. sakkar01

    Thank God, you decided to take a break! I am having a hard time keeping up with you just on the blogs – LOL. take more rest – so you are used to the slower pace by the time I get there!


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