Coastal walk to Santander – part 2

We continued our journey along the beautiful coast admiring the views. 

Eventually the path dropped onto the beach. The last 2 km was walking on the beach with Sunday morning runners, surfers, surfing school classes, and a receding tide.

We reached the village of Somo (before ferrying to Santander) and sat down for coffee and bocadillo. As we were sitting in the cafe we saw many pilgrims pass by. We ran into Richard and Margie again (the wonderful couple from California whom we met a few days ago and who were with us at the albergue last night). 

We took the ferry together to Santander. 

We had about an hour to visit the Museum of Prehistory and Archeology before it closed for the afternoon.  We also walked around the city, although most of the attractions are closed on Sundays after 2:00.


4 thoughts on “Coastal walk to Santander – part 2

  1. Amy

    Thank you for sharing your Sunday morning walk with us. How perfect to end up on the beach! Sakkar told me she and Mark will be joining you in a little over a week. How wonderful to share this with them. Amy


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