A beautiful coastal walk to Santandar

We had the opportunity to meet the 77 year old Ernesto, who started the Alburgue about 15 years ago from his ancestral home. He talked for about an hour before dinner to a crowd of about 70 pilgrims. The talk was in Spanish (with some translation into English by a pilgrim). He is a well traveled man and is involved in quite a few projects in third world countries. 

We had a nice group dinner. In the morning, breakfast began at 6:30 and we left by 6:45. 

We chose once again the longer path to the city of Somo so that we could enjoy the more scenic route. The first 5 km was through country roads with the smell of eucalypts in the air, dim early light and a cool morning breeze. 

Finally we hit the coast and we’re glad that we choose this route. Every curve was better than the previous, and this went on for about 8 km. 

We stopped for our morning snack along the way as we watched surfers down below. 

I have a fast internet connection so I am loading more pictures. Unfortunately, my wordpress can’t handle the volume, so I will continue my blog on part 2. 

5 thoughts on “A beautiful coastal walk to Santandar

  1. sakkar01

    I guess I will have to train for the climbs and do the coastal route sometime in the future so i can enjoy these beautiful views first hand. I guesd enayet and Pa, this means you may be doing this route again with me.

  2. Carla Pai

    Enayet and Pat, what beautiful views. Like Sakkar, I want to walk this route. I hope I have the energy to always take the long route to enjoy the beautiful scenery. I loved the pictures of the flowers and the corn. Buen Camino my friends. keep walking, taking pictures and writing.


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