To Guemes – the best Alburgue on the Camino del Norte so far

In Noja, we are close to Santander, the Capitol of Cantabria.  Fortunately the approach to Santander is by ferry, so we can walk there without crossing the concrete jungle. Since Noja is still about 34 km from Santander, we will make it a point to visit a much talked-about albergue about 17 km away, in Guemes: Albergue la Cabana del Abuelo Peuto. 

We left Noja early as the night was turning into the day. 

 Today was probably the easiest day that we have had. Most of the way was through country roads and paths full of lush green pastures and valleys. 

As we made our first stop, these beauties, the horses, came by the road to visit us. 

 Around 10 or so the sky looked socked-in and we had a downpour. Fortunately, we were near our only cafe of the day so we could enjoy part of the downpour from the comfort of the balcony while having coffee and cake. 

The rest of the walk was stunningly beautiful panoramic views of pastures and green valleys. 

 We were greeted at the Alburgue by water and biscuits. After settling in we were offered a community lunch. The albergue was created by Pastor Ernesto, who grew up in this house. We will have a community meeting at 7:30 followed by a community dinner. All of this is “donativo,” meaning, give what you think it is worth to you. This is an oasis that we are enjoying with other pilgrims. 



3 thoughts on “To Guemes – the best Alburgue on the Camino del Norte so far

  1. sakkar01

    so looks like the trail is pretty well marked and you have not gotten lost anywhere? I am not able to find Alto de el Acebo anywhere on the map of Spain using Google maps so I will just get in touch with you when we get to Spain and then figure out where to meet you.

  2. Amy

    wonderful photos…makes me feel I am there with you, almost, but my feet don’t hurt so I know I’m not. Love the horses…so many interesting experiences…so jealous…but happy for you.


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