End of week 2 on the Camino del Norte

We needed to use the ferry this morning to take us from Laredo to Santano. The ferry operates beginning at 9 am and it is about a 5k walk along the beach/boardwalk to get to ferry. This allowed us the opportunity to wake up leisurely and leave around 7:30 in the morning. 



We enjoyed our morning walk along the beautiful and breezy beach of Laredo. 

At the end of the beach, we found a different ferry than what we had used on our way to San Sabastian. 

Walking along the town of Santono, we ran into Richard and Margie (the Americans we had met yesterday). 

At the end of the town was our first and only climb of the day.  While it was a short climb (only 82 meters high), it had its challenges. The view as we climbed and from the top was spectacular.





From the top one could see the mountains we climbed to get to Laredo, the beach we walked on at Laredo. The town and the beach of Santono, and our destination of Noja. 

All in all a beautiful and easy hike of 15 km for the day. 



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