A rest day

We decided to take a rest day today. The walk from Bilbao to Portugalete is all on asphalt and concrete. It was recommended that we take the metro and that is what we did today. 

Yesterday we enjoyed our evening by taking a river cruise and then sitting around a playground watching kids play. 

This morning we woke up late (first time on this Camino). The train ride was mostly underground and took us less than an hour (walking would have been 6 to 7 hours of effort).

Once in Portugalete we explored the town and discovered the world’s only gondola crossing over a river!  It carries vehicles and people.

Here are few more sites from the town. 

For all you Camino lovers who would like to do the Camino, but want it manageable, here is an alternative to petition for!

This escalator is part of the Camino for about 4 blocks!!!  This is our first time enjoying going uphill, no complaints!

5 thoughts on “A rest day

  1. sakkar01

    good idea to take the train rather than walking on all that asphalt and concrete. since we have done the full camino once on foot, we don’t have to feel guilty about taking the train or bus every now and then.

  2. Monique Henningfield

    The gondola crossing a river, SO COOL!!!! The escalators must have been a nice treat too!! Great pics!!!!

  3. Shalini

    I love the people mover! But I still don’t think that I could do the Camino even if it was like that the whole way. You guys are my heroes!


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