Bilbao and Guggenheim 

Today our destination was Bilbao. Even though it was only 11 km of walking today, we still ended up with over 100 floors of climbing. 

We left around sunrise time with cloudy sky and signs of misting which never turned into rain.  Much of the walk was through the parks and hilly countryside. 

During one of our climbs we ran into Antonio from USA by the way of Madrid (he currently lives in Madrid, and teaches English there). 

The guy with him , Michael, is from Italy and is carrying a backpack with wheels (for the times when the path is smooth).  (We miss you, Sikander!)  (It also has straps for when he needs to carry it).

Our first view of Bilbao. 

We came down through a park to the old quarters. 

After crossing the river we came to the town center where we deposited our backpacks at a Pension before heading out to explore. 

Guggenheim Musesum building is probably the most striking structure in Bilbao. Designed by architect Frank Gehry, the structure begs to be admired and photographed from all angles!


7 thoughts on “Bilbao and Guggenheim 

  1. sakkar01

    Enayet, are you guys planning to spend an extra day in Bilbao? tell me how your visit went. if we make it to spain early enough, we are planning to stop at Burgos, Bilbao & Santander on our way in to meet with you guys.


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