Camino week 2 begins

its hard to imagine, today marks the beginning of week 2. End of today we will be 10 km from Bilboa. Famous for its Guggenheim Musesum. 

We started early in mist mixed with rain. In Basque, they call it “dumb rain” because it feels like just mist, but without an umbrella you are drenched in few minutes. 

We were out of town and climbing again. 

With all the rain the slopes were very slippery and our shoes felt like iron boats.  

Because of constant drizzle and no shelter along the way, we kept moving until we reached our first town and cafe. After 17 km of almost non-stop walking we were happy to take our backpacks off, rest, and enjoy the cafe.  

Today was a great day for flower pictures. Here is a set of flower pictures for all you flower lovers. 


After 22km of hiking, we are settled in a casa rural in the town of Lezam. 





6 thoughts on “Camino week 2 begins

  1. Teresa Sandoval

    Maybe you should be a photographer in your next life!
    By the way, I started a new life after being laid off 2 weeks ago. I start a new job tomorrow that I’m looking forward to.

    1. ejiwani Post author

      Teresa, I’m surprised at your layoff, and so happy for you and your new life! I can’t wait to hear all about it when I get back. Lunch?

  2. sakkar01

    OMG! how can you even lift your feet to take another step with your shoes so weighed down by so much mud. I wonder if Galicia will be like this when we get there. we got lucky last time. it was so nice talking to you today.

  3. Sam

    Your shoes give away the whole story. Thank God, after all the mud and rain, you saw some beautiful flowers.
    You are great in capturing the beauty of nature and people and you already are a very good writer (the way you captured in words the sound and smell of some of the experiences), I am looking forward to a book by you soon after your Camino.


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