Goodbye to Basque

Today our goal was Kaboron, the last Basque village before we enter the region of Cantabria. 

We left early as usual and found ourselves sharing the bike and hike trail along the highway.  Fortunately we departed the highway soon. 

Today’s main story is for cat lovers. In life we get caught up in our daily struggles. Today we saw these two ladies walking along the path and feeding the wild cats. They carried with them a bag full of cat food, and they stopped every so often to feed the wild cats. I think they have found their purpose. 

After about 12 km we finally got back to the coast and it was beautiful. 

Just when we thought “is it possible to have a day without a major climb?”, we saw this!

The climb was worth the view. 

BTW, did anyone else notice the heart in this picture beside me (I see love everywhere). 

  Can you guess from which direction the wind blows?  
After 17 km, we are settled in and are looking forward to the new region and its cuisine. 

6 thoughts on “Goodbye to Basque

  1. sakkar01

    beautiful sunrises again. OMG, I doubt I could have done those stairs. another record break and badge on Fitbit likely soon. what beautiful views – reminds me of PCH except we cannot walk along the beauty on PCH. maybe someone needs to create a path from San Diego to Alaska on PCH, then we can do our camino right here in the West?

  2. Sam

    Beautiful coast.
    It seems like these “climbs” in different shapes and sizes are an almost daily feature. Good that after some of these strenuous climbs, you get to enjoy some beautiful sights.

  3. Monique Henningfield

    I am a cat person, so I love the fact that their purpose was to feed the wild kitties. The heart is wonderful!


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