Monthly Archives: July 2015

Schloss Heidelberg 

This morning we walked around the town of Mannheim and saw the beautiful water tower and a castle (the largest in Europe), now converted into a university. 

In the afternoon we drove about 15 km to the town of Heidelberg to see the mountain castle. 

Down below you could see the popular tourist town of Heidelberg. The river Nicker flows toward Mannheim and joins the river Rhein. 


For the evening adventure we rode bikes to an Italian restaurant (bikes in the background). We also visited a couple of donkeys on the way back from dinner.


Gute Nacht from Germany

We landed in Frankfurt at 11 AM in the morning. We took a train to Mannheim where we met Mike.  We then took another local train to the town of Iggleheim to Mike and Franziska’s house. It feels like a small village. They have a beautiful home with a nice garden and chickens and a green house. We enjoyed a nice outdoor snack and dinner made with homegrown salad ingredients of different varieties.

After dinner we went to a nearby town of Speyer. This small town seems to have everything from a museum, a large catedral and the River Rhine flowing next to it. And of course best part of Europe,  gelato stands.  It even has a statue of someone walking the Camino, as there is a Camino trail that leads from here to Metz. 



We capped the evening with a stroll along the river Rhine. 


The road less traveled – Camino Del Norte

 Camino del Norte is fondly referred to as Camino on Steroids.  The Camino del Norte route begins at the French and Spanish border in the town of Irun. Along the way, Camino del Norte merges with Camino Primitevo which is the oldest of the Camino paths.  The del Norte  path hugs the coast in northern Spain and travels along the the Bay of Biscay (Atlantic Ocean). As the various rivers merge into the ocean, the path must climb up the mountain to cross these rivers and come down again, and hence the name Camino on Steroids. The distance is slightly more than Camino France’s, but the elevation gain is what makes this Camino more strenuous.

We are  heading out to Frankfurt, Germany today. We will take another two weeks to visit Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin, and Paris before we end up in Irun to begin our Camino walk.

We say goodbye to our wonderful girls. 
  At the airport, getting ready to go through security. 
Looks like our first hitch! Out flight to Houston is delayed which means our connection to Frankfurt is shot!

Fortunately, we now have direct flight to Frankfurt. We will leave 3 hours later than planned but will arrive in Frankfurt half an hour early.