Gute Nacht from Germany

We landed in Frankfurt at 11 AM in the morning. We took a train to Mannheim where we met Mike.  We then took another local train to the town of Iggleheim to Mike and Franziska’s house. It feels like a small village. They have a beautiful home with a nice garden and chickens and a green house. We enjoyed a nice outdoor snack and dinner made with homegrown salad ingredients of different varieties.

After dinner we went to a nearby town of Speyer. This small town seems to have everything from a museum, a large catedral and the River Rhine flowing next to it. And of course best part of Europe,  gelato stands.  It even has a statue of someone walking the Camino, as there is a Camino trail that leads from here to Metz. 



We capped the evening with a stroll along the river Rhine. 


9 thoughts on “Gute Nacht from Germany

  1. Noor Meheraly

    yam wonderful have fun and enjoy your friends and europe once again you are using bth of my email yahoo and gmail please delete yahoo from your list and use only this gmail please thank you love and peace nor

  2. Madhuri

    Thanks for including me in this second adventurous journey Inayet. Wishing you and Pat a safe and amazing trip. Looking forward to great pics and stories. Only regret is I cannot share the ice cream with you 🙂


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