Schloss Heidelberg 

This morning we walked around the town of Mannheim and saw the beautiful water tower and a castle (the largest in Europe), now converted into a university. 

In the afternoon we drove about 15 km to the town of Heidelberg to see the mountain castle. 

Down below you could see the popular tourist town of Heidelberg. The river Nicker flows toward Mannheim and joins the river Rhein. 


For the evening adventure we rode bikes to an Italian restaurant (bikes in the background). We also visited a couple of donkeys on the way back from dinner.


9 thoughts on “Schloss Heidelberg 

  1. thirdspacechronicles

    Wow great pictures. Reminds of the days I spent in eastern holland and western Germany. Look forward to more.

  2. Monique Henningfield

    Wow, wow, wow!! A castle turned into a university? How amazing is that? I would be so in awe to attend that university! 🙂 The picture of the mountain castle with the stairs in it shows how grand the castle is. The stairs put the whole size into perspective.

  3. Agnes

    wow I was there 10 years ago .. it brings back al lot of good memories
    It is just such a beautiful area …

  4. Carolyn Loram

    What fun you are having! I spent the summer of ’61 in Heidelberg und hab’ mein Herz da verloren! Enjoy! Weather looks good, hospitality ausgezeichnet! Nani


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