Ruta da Pedra e da Auga

“Path of Stone and Water” was the name of our path this morning.

Our next destination was 24km, which was a bit more than we wanted to take on in a day. Unfortunately there was only one stop 7 km away. So we ended up breaking the days into 7 today and 17 tomorrow!

I would change the name of the path to “Heaven on Earth.” Even though it rained the whole way, it was one of the most precious walks of this Camino. Walking along the creek with the sound of rushing water beside us. The rain drops making their distinct sounds on our rain jackets. The rustling of the leaves, the cool breeze. All of these along with the light and environment were making this a magical morning.

4 thoughts on “Ruta da Pedra e da Auga

  1. Agnes DeDoncker

    after that rainy walk the coffee looks so good doesn’t it look like it was well deserved but then I love walking in the rain it is so calming for me


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