Peaceful Monastery

Our goal today was simple. Leave the coast, climb about 1,200 feet gradually and then begin our descent into a quite and peaceful monastery to spend our night. We like to make sure that we get a chance to spend at least one night in such a special place in each of our Camino journeys. Pat was dogged about getting us this accommodation and had to make several calls over multiple days before we were able to secure the reservation. Good thing she did, because when we arrived, there were no rooms to be had.

Here is our day in pictures.

7 thoughts on “Peaceful Monastery

  1. Agnes DeDoncker

    thank you so much for sharing this with all of us .. just caught up with your whole trip was on vacation just got back today have a safe trip and happy early birthday for you Enayet

  2. Monique Paxton

    No rooms available when you got there, wow!! Yes indeed, thank goodness she was persistant. How many rooms are normally in a monastery? I’m sure they flucuate, right?

    1. ejiwani Post author

      Were you on vacation too! Missed your comments along the way. I think they have quite a few rooms but mostly empty. They only take reservations and not walk in. This is a small village with one restaurant, one Albergue, and the Monastery.


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