Rain finally wins in England

After spending 13 days in Scotland (3 in Glasgow, 7 in Edinburgh, 3 in Highlands and the Isle of Sky) we returned to the Lake District in England to continue our walk.

Unfortunately the rain here continues, and with wind, cold temperatures and the bogs all around, the prospect of walking looks daunting. We have decided to call it an incomplete adventure as the next sunshine is 6 days away.

We loved the scenery everywhere, but in the end, the continuous rain takes the joy out of the walk as there is no way to stay dry.

As we conclude this adventure, I leave you with pictures from Scotland.


Edinburgh had 5 festivals going on in the month of August. We were fortunate to enjoy the largest festival in the world. Along the way we saw many street performers, stand up comedy, dance shows, mimes etc. Here are few pictures of Edinburgh which is considered a Unisco world heritage city.

The gem of Scotland is the Highlands and the Isle of Sky.

We are heading home in a couple of days. So this is goodbye from this adventure.

8 thoughts on “Rain finally wins in England

  1. Sam Jiwani

    Thanks for sharing so much even with the unfavorable weather conditions. I guess the universe wants you guys to take a break…

  2. Bilquis khan

    Amazing journey! Bravo to all of you. We were in Zarmatt yesterday. On our short hike we were talking about your adventures and were mesmerized on the way you all have managed so many hikes throughout Europe.
    Thank you for taking us on your memorable journeys through your blog posts – I always looked forward for your blogs.

  3. Steve Schultz

    Wow very beautiful pictures!
    Sorry to hear about the rain.
    I like the waterfall pic and cliff pictures.

    Steve from the Mont Blanc trip

  4. cojim

    I’m sorry that after all the different paths you’ve taken on this journey, the weather is forcing you to end prematurely. On a much smaller scale, we plan to walk the Great Glen Way in Scotland next spring. Hopefully, the weather will be more cooperative for us. We found a company which offers traveling nightly accommodations and meals in a barge that follows along the Caledonian Canal and the various lochs along the way, so no worries about finding and reserving B&Bs or other accommodations each night.

  5. Amy Bertorelli

    Once again, thank you for taking us along…not surprising you ran into rain, but way too much rain. You were wise to skip what promised to be a disappointing rain-filled walk. Those British Isles are not great for beautiful weather, even in August. Loved, as usual, all the great photos!


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