We are in the last stop before Assisi. Today turned out to be a blustery day, or as Pooh would say, windsday (although today is actually Tuesday)! For the first time this trip we had our jackets on for most of the day. Seems like fall is in the air, but with global warming, who knows, just another crazy day.

Today also was more gradual down than up. We were walking along the edge of a mountain and traversing from one mountain to another.

We could see many trucks working down in the valley, as a dam is under construction. The topography map we had was showing a huge body of water, but the construction must have diverted most of it.

Last night there was another German couple, Heriburt and Hanna. We kept passing each other all day long today as we each took breaks at different times.

After two days of staying in the mountains, we were once more heading down to a city.

We were able to make it to the town just before the stores were closing for the afternoon. We enjoyed pizza today instead of our usual cheese and bread for lunch.

8 thoughts on “Valfabbrica

  1. Jan Lewallen

    It is my daily pleasure to read Camino Mystic blogs! Something restorative and refreshing about vicariously sharing your adventure.

  2. Sam Jiwani

    Almost there! So, like in Spain, in Italy also, shops and restaurants in small towns, close in the afternoon. All the pictures of beautiful flowers you have shared, are they mostly wild flowers?

    1. ejiwani Post author

      Most everything closes between 2:30 to 4:30. The Bars are open during that time for drinks mostly. After 4:30 the groceries, pastries, and snacks are available. Dinner usually from 7 on wards.
      Most of the flowers are wild flowers although as a come to a town sometimes I get from peoples yard (like roses).

  3. Ann and Dan Moeder

    Beautiful scenery all along! And, thank you for keeping me “in flowers”. That rose was gorgeous! You are heading into one of our favorite towns. My favorite artist has painted murals on the church walls…Giotto. Enjoy them! Love, Ann and Dan.


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