Grateful and humbled

It has been a lovely journey getting to Assisi. I thank all of you for your kind words, comments, and support. We like your comments. It feels good to hear that our journey in some way has inspired and or entertained you.

We feel so blessed to be able to witness such beauty and holy vibrations of the beautiful nature all around us every day.

As we walked today, I vividly remembered 2009 when I was in Assisi for the first time. I had come to Italy to drop off my daughter Sitara as she was taking a gap year after high school. After I dropped her off in Florence, I went to Rome, and on my way back to Florence, I was planning to stop in Assisi for the day.

I missed my morning train to Assisi and had to take the afternoon train. I finally made it to Assisi late that afternoon and had an hour, at best, before my train back to Florence. So instead, on a whim, I thought I should stay in Assisi for the night.

I decided to follow the sign at the bus stop announcing Ostello (hostel). It led me out of town 1 to 2 kilometers before I found the hostel. I dumped my backpack and headed back to town. My first stop was the Basilica and the tomb of St. Francis. I sat quietly and promptly lost track of time. When I finally came out, it was late and dark, and I was hungry.

After a quick bite, I headed back toward the ostello, located in the middle of nowhere, in moonlight. I had no flashlight or headlamp. Fortunately, it was almost a full moon, and I was able to enjoy a nice walk in the mountains.

As I look back, I think that is what triggered this walk for me. At that time I was not aware of any Camino in Italy, but somewhere in the back in my mind, the idea must have germinated.

During that trip I made an oath to myself to bring Pat back with me to Italy and share 3 things.

  • Piazza San Marco in Venice to listen to the Italian tenors sing love songs.
  • Come back to Assisi
  • Hike the Cinque Terre.

All of these we were able to do in 2013 for our 25th wedding anniversary. But this trip was no where in my conscious mind. As I walked this morning, I realized that moonlight walk in 2009 was a precursor to this long hike.

We are here today and feel so blessed.

Now you can see why I feel humbled. God works in mysterious ways, and life unfolds magically in its own way.

For all the photograph lovers, here is today’s journey in pictures. We had two long climbs today. One leaving Valfabbrica and one climbing up to Assisi. It was cool when we left this morning.

Looking back at Valfabbrica after the climb.

We continued on through ups and downs and soon could see Assisi looming in front of us.

By the way, here is an example of wildflowers that I capture. The first picture is what it looks like to the naked eye. The next two are what I see and capture.

We are happy to be here in Assisi, ready to merge ourselves in the sights, sounds, and vibrations of this beautiful city.

12 thoughts on “Grateful and humbled

  1. Noor

    May.god bless you all
    This is an amazing accomplishment and enlightening also.
    We are proud of you both
    Love and peace

  2. Amy Bertorelli

    Love your reminiscence of what events in your lives preceded this decision to walk to Assisi. Thank you for sharing it all. Italy is one of my favorite places, so finding you there and following you along has been a great pleasure. Much love, Amy

      1. Monique Henningfield-Paxton

        I loved reading the part about when you dropped your daughter off. It’s amazing to think where you were then and where you are now. Everything happens for a reason, right? I am a true believer in that !!

      2. ejiwani Post author

        Agree. As my brother says “LIFE IS A JOYFUL MYSTERY TO BE LIVED, NOT A PUZZLE TO BE SOLVED.” And once in a while looking back we can connect the dots.

  3. Madhuri

    Wonderful trip Enayet and Pat you are awesome pair. Safe trip back home.

    We are also close in Croatia.

    Sending love and peace


  4. Sam Jiwani

    “Welcome back” to Assisi. Thanks for sharing with us your beautiful journey with pictures and comments. We enjoyed being with you two without having to experience sore feet and weights of carrying backpacks. Congrats!

  5. sakkar01

    I was in Assissi in 2015 but these images are not looking familiar so i guess it is time for me to take another trip there, a walking trip like you guys so it gets engraved in memory. How i ended up in Assisi that year is also a story, totally unexpected to recount another time.

    Maybe I and Sitara will do this walk in summer.

    I would never have guessed from that first picture that there were flowers in there, glad you have the time to really “look” for the flowers and see them.

  6. cojim

    Congratulations on a great journey. We’re looking forward to hearing all about it next time we see you back in Denver. Ultreia!


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