No end in sight

It just keeps pouring and there is no end in sight. 

Last night we had the opportunity to walk around inside the 10th century monastery and church (since we were staying there). It’s hard to imagine a world back then which required such a large structure (the current population of Sobrado is 349). 

It was cold and damp outside at night (we were nestled inside), and we woke up to rain, wind, and clouds.  We had to get out of the albergue by 8. We walked across the street to a cafe which was full of pilgrims. 

We had gotten used to the rain and clouds, but now it was cold and windy, also.  One by one the pilgrims began fileing out for another day’s adventure. Our goal today was a modest 10 km to the next town. That still translated into a few hours of cold rain and high winds!

We were fortunate to walk through some forested areas where the canopy of trees provided a brief shelter. The rest of the time it was just one foot in front of the other to stay warm and make progress. 

Views were great, but taking pictures meant getting the iPhone wet. Pat decided to be my cover from the blowing rain. 

We are settled in a casa rural for the night. It has been raining all day and the rain is in the forecast for next three days! We are three days from Santiago. Looks like Galicia is hell-bent on making this trip a memorable one!!!

4 thoughts on “No end in sight

  1. samji13700

    All the rain, and now with the cold wind really makes it very hard. Please use your best judgement and adjust your plans accordingly. I really feel for all you pilgrims. Good luck.

  2. sakkar01

    I know it’s hard to quit when you are only 3-4 days from journey ‘s end and have kept at it for 6 weeks but weather has definitely turned nasty as I myself experienced it and your cough sounded pretty bad. Use caution and best judgment and may God keep you safe and warm. Good luck for the rest of the way.


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