Another cold and chilly day

We had a wonderful breakfast at the albergue in Miraz.  Almost everyone was up and ready for the 7 am breakfast served for the pilgrims. Everyone was hopeful for a bright and sunny day. 

When we stepped out, it was cold! We put on our ponchos as an added layer for warmth and protection from the cold and possible rain. 


It was a cat and mouse game between the clouds and sun for a bit. The view was fabulous.  This was going to be probably the last stretch in true nature as we neared Santiago. 


After a brief battle the sun succumbed to the insistent clouds and wind, and  the sun said goodbye to us for the morning. 


 We continued on to the town of  Roxica ( 11 km away), where there was an albergue and an opportunity to take the cab to Sobrado dos Monxes.  The choice was made easy, as the albergue was “completo”and the 10th century monastery at Sobrado was waiting for us.

This monastery was restored in 1954 and now serves as pilgrim albergue. We were greeted by a wonderful gentle monk, Julius. He is a delightful man who speaks English eloquently, is author of a few books and is a man of spirituality (focused on spirituality rather than religion). 


6 thoughts on “Another cold and chilly day

  1. Amy

    What a treat to meet Monk Julius…you can see kindness and humor all over his face! I’ll bet he loves the new pope, Francis. I imagine they could exchange some interesting observations about spirituality versus business as usual at the Vatican. Rain, rain, go a way…or better yet, send it here to California (we had a sprinkle this morning)

    1. ejiwani Post author

      Amy, that’s exactly what we talked with him about. He loves the new pope, said he was for the people and not focused on bureaucracy and laws. He was really sweet. —Pat

  2. Agnes

    even with the rain you are still able to make some beautiful pictures … please send some rain our way .. we could use it


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