To Lourenza

Today’s hike was mostly uphill, and we thought it would be about 18 km.  It turned out to be 20 km.

Marc and Sakkar were still a bit jet legged and not ready for the long day and the steep climb, so they decided to sleep in and take a cab. 

Pat and I left at 6:30 in the dark.  It was a foggy and cloudy day. 


At 9, we stopped for a snack along the path.  The climb uphill was continuous all morning and went on for over 6 km.  At about 11 the sun finally peeked through some of the clouds. 


We could finally see the beautiful,  lush rolling hills of Galicia. 


At about 14 km, as we came down a path into a country road. All of a sudden this car honks at us. Surprised, we look back and guess who we see (two autogrenos- that is peregrinos in a car). 


We and our backpacks were offered a lift, but we only had another 6 km to go, so we declined. After about another km or so finally around 11:30, we reached our first and only cafe of the day. We decided to stop and enjoyed chatting with few German pilgrims before we took on our last climb of the day. 

After 20 km we reached Lourenza, a town famous for it’s 10th century Monastery and church designed by the same architect who designed the Santiago church. 







4 thoughts on “To Lourenza

  1. Sam

    I thought after you left the coast and went inland, the walk will be not be so uphill. Anyways, like Amy said, we get to see extra-ordinary pictures under various weather conditions.

  2. Sitara

    That sounds like an insanely long day! Jeez Louise! Are you okay mama? Theres a picture of you sitting on the ground, hope it was just a mini rest and nothing too serious. LOVE YOU ALL


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