A successful start…

It was the first day for our new arrivals. There is no true way to prepare for the Camino. Camino is the way and we wanted a gentle way to break in our new partners.  Unfortunately the albergues along  the stage were at 7 and 21 km.  

After research at the tourism office, we found a pension some 11 to 12 km away which would make for a challenging but manageable day. 

We started around 8:45 am from Ribadeo. 

The path turned out to be combination of country roads, paths, and dirt roads with some beautiful views of the mountains. 

We successfully made it to our first stop for coffee and drinks at 7 km. Everyone was feeling strong, so we continued on to look for our pension. 

After going 12 km we had not seen our pension where we thought it ought to be (there were no signs to it, the pension was not on the “way,” and gps could not locate the place). 
After talking with a few locals, we realized that we had overshot our target and had to go on a different road to eventually find the place. Instead of walking 12 km, we ended up walking almost 14 km.  

It was a nice and challenging day and everyone is feeling good and tired.


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