Goodbye to Coast and Asturias

Today was our last day walking along the coast. We have thoroughly enjoyed our coastal hikes across the regions of Basque Country, Cantabria, and Asturias. Once we cross the bridge to Ribadeo, we enter Galicia and start moving inland toward Santiago. 

We started early to catch the morning light on the coast.  It was one of those beautiful mornings that we will remember for a long time. I think the pictures will give you a a partial sense of the beauty we encountered.

The sunrise with the mountain backdrop was simple yet spectacular.

We had our breakfast while sitting on a bench overlooking the ocean. 

Soon we reached another beach. At the same time Kristen (American), Philip (Austrian), and Merith (from Norway) joined us to enjoy the beach together. 


We all have different schedule plans, so the probability of our meeting again after today is pretty low. 

We continued our way to Ribadeo. 


In the town center a car show was going on. 

We wanted to get a place near the town center so that we could enjoy our couple of days here with Marc and Sakkar (brother in law and sister) who now join us and begin walking with us on the Camino. 
At lunch we met Juan and Christine, a French couple living in Spain and spending their summer in Ribadeo. 


Mark and Sakkar arrived at 6 after a long trip. They travelled from LA to Dallas to Madrid on plane, from Madrid to Oviedo on train, and from Oviedo to Ribadeo by cab. 

At 7 we visited our new friends Juan and Christine in their summer home overlooking the river. 

We are all tired and happy that we have a rest day tomorrow. 

6 thoughts on “Goodbye to Coast and Asturias

  1. thirdspacechronicles

    Really have enjoyed your journey along the coast. It was great to get up everyday and imagine being there with you. Enjoy your rest day. Looking forward to the next part of the walk.


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