Coastal route

Today would have been the last coastal day for us if we had gone to Ribadeo. We decided to take the longer route through Tapia and stay at the albergue there.  Once we reach Ribadeo tomorrow, then we move inland toward Santiago. 

We left at 7, had breakfast and started our walk. With the detour we only needed to do 13km for the day.  Another 13 for tomorrow to reach Ribadeo to greet my sister and brother in law, as they arrive to walk the Camino with us. 

We moved into the country path after we left the town. The day was still cloudy and perfect for flower pictures.


Eventually we reached the split on the Camino. Left you head to Ribadeo, right you head to the beach and continue along the coast. 

The sun never materialized but the hike was nice and short. Tomorrow sun is expected to come out, so our coastal walk tomorrow should be nice. 

Lunch with Alex from France. He started the Camino the same day as us and we have run into him few times. Last 3 days we have stayed in the same albergue. 

5 thoughts on “Coastal route

  1. Monique Henningfield

    Love the picture of you two in the mirror!!! Creative way to take a couples pic!!! I bet you are so excited to see your sister and brother-in-law!!

  2. Carla Pai

    The flowers are lovely. The walk along the coast is absolutely beautiful. How blessed the two of you are to have been walking this Camino. Buen Camino. Looking forward to hearing about the rest of the Camino. May there be sunshine every day.

  3. Carolyn Loram

    I have been astounded at Patty’s endurance. Then I remembered that she was a mountaineering guide, a backpacking, camping, and hiking guide in the Rockies–professionally–in her 30’s. Then, the girls! Now she’s right back where she’s always loved to be with her favorite partner from way back! You go, girl!!


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