Coastline of Cantabria 

20 km to Islare

The first 6 km of our walk was along a two lane highway. 

As we left the highway, the path became more green and began to hug the sea. 

The towns were so serene and beautiful. 

Originally we were thinking of staying in Castro-Urdiales, but since we were there by 10:30, we decided to push on. 

Emerita, a native of Bilbao but visiting her parents in Castro-Urdiales, helped us navigate through the town (she studied music in Holand and is now a classical musician playing the violin and viola in orchestras).

An active bull fight ring.   

Carmen, a native of Castro-Urdailes, guided us to a direct route to Islare that avoided highway walking.  
We arrived in Islare a little before 1 after completing 20km for the day. 


These are the folks waiting outside the albergue in which we will sleep tonight.  
 Rocks and ocean next to our albergue.   
We went walking to the beach for our early dinner and enjoyed the area. The  para glider jumped off this rock!


5 thoughts on “Coastline of Cantabria 

  1. Carolyn Loram

    Beautiful and interesting. How nice to meet people on the Way! You both look well and so happy!
    Nani is off to “camp” in Hayward, Wis. tomorrow, but we Wellauers all follow your every post!
    Carry on!

  2. Agnes

    I used on of your pictures as background for my computer .. so I can keep on dreaming about this beautiful country you are traveling though
    tthank you again for sharing I look forward to your post every morning

  3. Sam

    Beautiful coastline – especially when you are walking, you can really take in the beauty (compared to driving when one simply gets a glimpse). Enjoy the journey…


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