Breakfast in France, lunch in Spain, dinner undecided!

We arrived in Hendaye late in the evening as the sun had just set (sunset in the south of France is around 9 PM). Fortunately, our bed and breakfast host had agreed to pick us up at the train station.  They live in a beautiful 3 bedroom apartment overlooking the bay. Dany and Michel are very gentle souls.  Michel is a retired college principal. Dany is a retired French teacher who grew up in Hendaye. 

View from the apartment when we arrived at night. 

The view in the morning was even better. 

After breakfast at our B&B (in France), Michel drove us in the morning to the “Santiago Bridge” that runs over the river Bedosa that is the border between France and Spain and from where we will begin our walk in the morning. 


We decided to check out the path and the markings to familiarize ourselves with what to expect. 

Camino del Norte is truly a path less traveled as we ran into only 4 pilgrims in the whole day and found 1 albergue  which was not open (a sign said they would open at 4). We did see quite a few pensions in town, so we will have backup options if needed.  We enjoyed our first Spanish lunch of the trip while watching kids play in the plaza. 

The walk back to our bed and breakfast was nice along the coast. 

Our option for dinner is to just walk around nearby and have dinner in France or take the ferry on a 5-minute ride from a block away to Spain to eat there. Tough choices, but probably the last time we will have this much flexibility. 

Tomorrow we start early as we may have to walk 25 km before we find an albergue!

8 thoughts on “Breakfast in France, lunch in Spain, dinner undecided!

  1. Bob Wellauer

    Hi Enayet & Pat, We’re so happy for you two to have another Camino experience. Also happy for us to experience another Camino blog. We really enjoy your photos and commentaries. Best Wishes and Good Walking, Bob & Lizette

  2. sakkar01

    Enayet, how are you finding these B&Bs? I am asking because we will be looking for them before we meet up with you. Buen Camino – wish I was walking the whole thing! however, I will be thankful if I can do the last 100 miles at least as planned!

  3. Shalini

    I hadn’t set up the automatic updates properly, so I’m only now going through all of these! Looks like you had a great start and it must be disconcerting to see the familiar shell in a new place.

  4. Iris

    Beautiful evening view, but you were right, the morning view was even better! Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos. Such serenity!


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