Goodbye to Paris

 Tuesday night we had the opportunity to listen to Vivaldi’s Four Season’s at the beautiful  Sainte Chappell  across from Notre Dame. The chapel was surrounded by stained glass windows and the violin concerto was elegant and peaceful. 
On Wednesday, our last day in Paris, we visited the Montemartre district and took a walking tour of Moulin Rouge, Toulouse-Lautrec’s base, Pablo Picaso’s studio, Dalida’s House,  and Van Gogh’s breakfast haunt.  We also visited the Basilica of the Sacred Heart.









In the afternoon we took a river cruise on the Seine witnessing many beautiful sites of Paris for one last time. 


Early morning today we left Paris for Lille (northern France) to visit with Clarisse, one of our foreigh students who visited us 5 years ago. She has just finished her bachelor degree and is about to start her masters. It was a pleasure to spend a few hours with her, walking the town and getting to enjoy her company. 

We are now on our way to Hendaye through Bordeaux to the south of France at the Spanish Border. Today marks the end of our tourist portion of the vacation! 

We plan to begin our Pilgrimage part of our journey after a day’s rest on Saturday. We are excited about the simple and meditative days ahead where life will become the simple task of living in the moment. Each day will be a new adventure that weaves itself into a tapestry of memories.

8 thoughts on “Goodbye to Paris

  1. Bilquis

    I loved the last para of your post on Paris – So beautifully expressed! Lovely pictures of Paris – thanks:)

  2. sakkar01

    Good luck on starting the camino – I will be watching for your blogs religiously to check on your progress so I can figure out when we will join you two – unfortunately, it has been so hot in LA that we have not been able to keep up with our walking – hopefully, we will be able to do it.

  3. Carla Pai

    Pat and Inayat, thank you for bring back my memories of visiting Paris many years ago. Have a great start to your Camino. I will be travelling with you on this journey. Buen Camino. carla

  4. Hannah Martin

    Hello! This is from Hannah Martin who knows Pat through the Indian ladies group in Denver. Your trip so far has made me want to see Paris again. The photos are beautiful. Enjoy the pilgrimage and peaceful days ahead. Best of luck with the weather and tired feet.

  5. Sam

    Enayet, your beautifully shot angles and commentary makes me visit these places once again. Keep up the sharing…

  6. Clarisse

    Hi Enayet,
    It was lovely seeing you on Thursday, I hope you enjoyed your day in Lille though it was short and a bit rainy. Looking forwards to reading all of your adventures in Spain!


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