Berlin – fascinating exhibition of contrasts

Last Night we left Munich by night train for Berlin. Thanks to the bunk bed, we had a restful journey!

I was not prepared for the Berlin I witnessed today. A hundred years of economic, and ideological contrasts has created an interesting city which has figured out a way to thrive despite complete destruction only 60 years ago. They show the contrasts of Facism, communism, and capitalism well. 

We arrived in Berlin at 8 am and after dropping our backpacks, we immediately headed out to explore the city.  We walked through the Grober Tiergarden (second largest after Munich’s English Garten). 

The garden led us to the Brandenberg  Gate, the iconic Berlin landmark from the15th century. 



The holocaust museum near the gate is simple yet powerful in its imagery and size. 



Berlin won’t be Berlin without the Berlin Wall plastered all our the city pointing out the contrast in its stark reality of how time and prosperity changes with freedom. 


More of Berlin tomorrow!

5 thoughts on “Berlin – fascinating exhibition of contrasts

  1. Franziska & Michael

    Hi Pat, Hi Enayet,
    Thank you for these impressions. Out last trip to Berlin is many years ago, time for a next trip.

    Franziska used the candle oil, I love it, the soft and warm oil and the great smell. Many thanks.

    1. ejiwani Post author

      Hi Franziska and Mike,
      The pretzel we had in Munich, although quite large, was tasty as fresh. We ate it all with sweet mustard. Glad you find the candle soothing for your hands. The fragrance is our favorite. Berlin is sad and playful at the same time.


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