Never Again

Today we went to the somber and bleak site of Dachu concentration camp. It is hard to fathom and witness “men’s inhumanity to men”. The sign by the Germans of “Never Again”, gives one hope. Yet, since 1945 we have seen so many more atrocities committed in this world, I wonder if it is a tendency we as human beings can overcome. 

I must share the following memorial statue created by a German artist in 1950 called “Anonymous Prisoner”. 

Roughly translated it means. 

“Honor the dead but warn the living.”

Below is a memorial designed by one of the prisoners of the concentration camp.    

View from outside looking in. 


5 thoughts on “Never Again

  1. Rob

    I visited there about a month ago; it was emotionally draining to touch what most of us have seen in documentaries.

  2. Shalini

    I’m glad you went and saw these sites. When I lived in Cambodia, I also went to some of the genocide sites. Hard to live through, but important to remember our history. Thanks for sharing!


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