All good things must end

We are now 13.7 km from Santiago. Tomorrow God willing we will complete our planned journey from Porto to Santiago.

We would like to thank all of you who have joined us for this memorable journey. Thank you for your comments along the way also.

Last when we left you we had just crossed this bridge to enter Vilanova de Arousa for the night.

The next day, yesterday, was our journey by boat to Padrón. The boat was to leave at 1:30 pm based on the tide. The next morning we realized why! You can see how the tide changes the coastline.

We have enjoyed walking in the rain, but our boat ride to Padrón in the rain was not anything to write home about. We were completely drenched to the bone when we got off the boat. It continued raining for the rest of the day.

This morning we woke up to rain and mist, and I was sure we would not get any good pictures or views, but we were surprised. It was a nice day as you can see. We went through some charming streets and forests.

Rain also forces you to stop if there are cafes along the way. Especially Pat and Sakkar had a wonderful time with their Cafe con Leche while I enjoyed my Sumo Natural Naranja! Along the way we also caught up with our Camino friends from South Africa.

Most of the times when you are following the yellow arrow it will swing you by the church, and today it even took us up the steps to the front door of the church.

Even though we are so close to a major city there are always quiet and beautiful scenes everywhere.

Sometimes it is hard to find a dry spot to sit down on in the rain!

Our cat whisperer had a happy surprise when the cat decided to forgo her rain shelter for some petting!

We encountered some nice forests also.

We are staying in a Casa Rural tonight and the place is gorgeous.

For the 🌹 lovers. Here are a few that didn’t make it in my last blog.

12 thoughts on “All good things must end

  1. Agnes DeDoncker

    looks like you had a lot of rain on this trip as well
    but I noticed it does not stop you guys from enjoying the day

  2. Anam Premji

    Kudos to you guys for continuing in the rain, many of us would’ve stopped! Views are gorgeous though! Safe travels!

  3. Ahmed Hussein

    Thank you so much for taking the trouble to send us all the beautiful pictures. Most of them you really have to be there to appreciate the nature. However, we really enjoyed it instead of being in your WET shoes. You guys are Wonderful! Heartiest congratulations on another successful walk to Santiago.

    Linda and ahmed


  4. Sam Jiwani

    Rain or shine – you guys just went on! I really enjoyed virtually tagging along and seeing/experiencing the nature through your eyes…

  5. spmoeder22

    Congratulations! I’ve so enjoyed following you on your journey! You certainly are a hardy pair!


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