Walking in a dreamland

We woke up to rain spattering over our roof window at the Albergue. The forecast was for an overcast day, so we knew we could count on the rain to fizzle away. We started in a mist (the dumb rain as it is know in Spain – because if you are dumb enough to ignore it, soon you realize you are soaking wet).

It turned out to be perfect scenery with lush forest and trees most of the day. It felt humid and wet through the early morning climbs, but soon it gave away to undulating forests. A perfect day to smell the earth, grass, eucalyptus and feel heaven on earth.

We are about 65 km from Santiago. There is another variant known as the spiritual path that we are planning to embark on tomorrow which eventually merges with the central path at Pedrón through a boat ride.

7 thoughts on “Walking in a dreamland

  1. Sam Jiwani

    Walking thru forest and villages under rain, does mosquitos/bugs/insects make it difficult?

    With spotting so many beautiful flowers along your way, Enayet, you might want to consider producing an e-book of exotic flowers.

    1. ejiwani Post author

      We have not encountered any bugs during the hike. Only Sakkar got bitten few time at night.

      Maybe one day soon I will compile these pictures for a book!

  2. cojim

    It’s nice to see familiar territory now that you’re on the central route. Once again, you’re providing proof that the rain in Spain does not stay mainly on the plain.
    Buen Camino!


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