Tour du Mont Blanc

There are many ways to do this tour. Sakkar, my sister, did all the research and proposed the guided tour where they arrange all the accommodations, luggage transfers, picnic lunch, and dinner at the hotel.

Thank you Sakkar for all the great research and heavy lifting on planning this trip!

We are a group of 11 people. Nine Americans, 1 Canadian, and 1 Brazilian. Our guide is British who has lived in France for the last 20 years.

It is so nice to get all the logistics taken care of since the hiking is grueling enough, as we found out today! We took a cable car up to begin the gorgeous hike. Below us lay the Chamonix valley and across the valley the beautiful peak of Mont Blanc. The Mont Blanc range is part of the Alps. This Mont Blanc Trek is 100 miles of hiking through 3 countries and will take us 10 days to complete. I will let the pictures do the rest of the story for today.

9 thoughts on “Tour du Mont Blanc

  1. nooruddin meheraly

    it’s all really lovwly andwonderful.
    the pictures, the people and great adventure.
    all the best
    loveand peace

  2. Bob & Lizette Wellauer

    Hi again, Camino Mystics! So happy to see you back on the trail. Thanks for the always beautiful photos and for sharing your adventures. Good hiking to you all. Enjoy.

  3. Amy Bertorelli

    Your sister is a genius. How smart of you all to join a tour group to handle all the unpleasant aspects and leave you thoroughly enjoying the journey! Looks fabulous and you are so smart to be the cool mountains this time of year. Enjoy!!!!

  4. Sitara Jiwani

    Ow ow! Mama bear is looking beautiful with the mountains as her backdrop. Definitely in her happy place!! Love the beautiful scenery. Might have to quit my job and come join you:)


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