Joie de Vivre

We are so fortunate to be able to enjoy the best life has to offer in the last 30 days. The serene walks in the forest, lovely and kind people along the way, great food, beautiful vistas and spiritual vibrations of the nature and the Saints. We end our Camino today in Rieti. We will use the rest of our time here in Italy like typical tourists.

We left Poggio Bustone this morning going downhill. Fortunately we did not go all the way down but stayed in the mountains, walking along the ridges most of the day before ending the walk in the valley.

We came partway down the mountain and then began going from one mountain to another on a beautiful path along the contour.

I thought we were done with climbing only to discover this beautiful town on the way. It was a fun climb to the top of the village.

At the top we were able to discover the secret to great Italian coffee. A patron Saint for Cappuccino!!!

All kidding aside, the best part of the day was when we reached the Santuario La Foresta. St Francis spent 50 days in this sanctuary towards the end of his life. He also performed his miracle of grapes here. A beautiful place with nice peaceful vibrations.

It’s been our joy to share this wonderful journey with you.


20 thoughts on “Joie de Vivre

  1. Madhuri

    Beautiful Inayet thanks for sharing your amazing journey.

    Peace and love to you both

    Make your journey to the Bay Area sometime

  2. Sam Jiwani

    Thanks for being our virtual tour guide to a beautiful world of small towns, simple people, delicious food, spectacular valleys, peaceful forests and variety of wild flowers. Thoroughly enjoyed your comments and pictures.

  3. Terry

    Congratulations on the completion of your journey. It was so exciting to share in your journey through photos and your comments. Loved the architecture and the landscape photos and Happy Birthday Enayet.

  4. Carolyn Loram

    It has been our joy to share this wonderful journey with you! We spend so much of our lives in the valley, looking straight ahead. Thank you for taking us into the hills! Godspeed! Nani

  5. sakkar01

    Hey, I am so sad, we will miss your postings and the beautiful pictures. even if you are done with the walk, you can still post pictures of your daily journey of the time you are still in Italy …. this has become an addictive habit – looking out for your post everyday!

  6. spmoeder22

    What a wonderful journey! Such fun to check your postings each day! Have a relaxing, enjoyable time in Italy or wherever you are heading next! It’s been such a pleasure accompanying you! Thank you for sharing!

  7. Carla

    Enayet and pat , million congrats to you both on another adventure that you took us too . This last place seems to be the best . It looks serene . Peaceful enjoy the rest of your time in Italy.

  8. Bilquis

    WONDERFUL! You made it!!!! You and Pat are a great inspiration for the whole family. I am sure you both must have already started planning your next adventure😊


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