Update in pictures

We have been moving from one medieval town to another. It’s been long days of – 20 km each. What made these days hard was that half of each day’s walk was flat and on asphalt (never thought we would complain about flat walking). Fortunately the other half of each day was either climbing or descending.

Day from Spello to Trevi.

Above picture is of Trevi as we were climbing toward it.


Walk from Trevi to Spoleto.


We have taken a rest day today and have jumped forward to Arrone, which is in the mountain.

The above two pictures are from our balcony.

7 thoughts on “Update in pictures

  1. Agnes De Doncker

    beautiful architecture love those old towns and the churches looks like there was some good coffee to be had as well

  2. cojim

    Beautiful scenery and photos as always. The photo of “Trevi as we were climbing toward it” reminds me of the town of Cirauqui on the Camino Frances.


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