Another day in the neighborhood

There were one English couple, one Austrian couple (they were the only one arriving by car), a mother and daughter from Germany walking together, and an additional German lady walking by herself at the B&B. Our hostess cooked us a nice simple meal which we enjoyed while getting to know each other.

Our host and hostess for the night.

Today we had a short hike going up and down three mountain ranges. It was cloudy and breezy when we started our hike.

After a while, we saw the mother and daughter catching up to us.

An hour later we caught up to them as they were taking a break.

We continued to enjoy the quiet and beautiful landscape all around us.

We enjoyed our brief lunch by this church that was offered to St. Francis in the XIII century.

We are now settled in a agriturismo apartment awaiting our dinner at 7 (there are no other facilities around).

…and it came with a swimming pool!

7 thoughts on “Another day in the neighborhood

  1. Agnes De Doncker

    wow what a journey … so many beautiful things to see … thank you for sharing still walking with you ( but without the sore feet )

  2. Carla

    I am meeting so many people through your travels. Enjoy the rest of the Camino . Hugs and much
    Love . Camino carla in Denver


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